Beer Microwave Sterilization Equipment LD1913

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Sterilization methods and shortcomings of beer by bottled beer manufacturers:

1.After bottling, the beer manufacturers use a temperature of 62 to 63 °C for about 10 minutes to sterilize and then cool. The sterilization temperature is generally above 72 °C. After sterilization and cooling, the beer manufacturers refill the bottle again. It is required that pipes, bottles, caps, air, etc are thoroughly disinfected, for the simple reason that it needs no microorganisms during the filling process. On the one hand, investment costs and use costs are high, on the other hand, management is difficult.

2.Beer manufacturers use a temperature of 72°C or higher for 30 seconds to sterilize (instantaneous sterilization) and then cool immediately before aseptic filling. After the beer is filled, it is transferred to the spray heating sterilization equipment in turns, at the same time, the temperature is raised in different stages in the spray heating and sterilization equipment, generally after reaching 62~63 °C and above for about 10 minutes, then gradually cooling, the equipment consumes a large amount of energy, such as steam generated by a coal-fired boiler. As a heat source, carbon emissions are large and cause pollution to the environment. For example, burning natural gas or oil to generate steam as a heat source is too expensive.

LD1913 Beer microwave sterilization equipment schematic

LD1913 Beer microwave sterilization equipment schematic

1. Conveyor belt 2, suppressor 3, strong microwave sterilization zone 4, partition plate 5, air inlet 6, fan 7, tunnel type microwave cavity 8, observation window 9, energy absorption chamber 10, suppression reflection sheet 11, inlet and outlet 12, conveying hole

Material mapMaterial map

Material map

Technical parameters of beer microwave sterilization equipment models

Microwave frequency2450/915MHz2450/915MHz2450/915MHz
Output power12 KW30 KW50 KW
Transmission speed(adjustable)0-5m / minute0-5m / minute0-5m / minute
Leakage value≤3mw/ cubic meter≤3mw/ cubic meter≤3mw/ cubic meter
Sterilizing ability120-150kg/h300-400kg/h500-600kg/h
LD1913 Beer microwave sterilization equipment

Instructions of LD1913 beer microwave sterilization equipment

First of all, the beer is cooled to 4 °C and then it was filled into a 500 mL bottle through a filling machine to completely close the bottle mouth. Secondly, the filled beer is transferred to a microwave device through a transfer device for microwave sterilization treatment, wherein the temperature for performing the sterilization treatment is set to 45 °C, the sterilization treatment time is set to 6 minutes, and the microwave frequency is 2450 MHz. Then, the sterilized bottled beer is immediately subjected to temperature detection by a temperature detecting device. If the detected temperature is lower than the set sterilization temperature of 0~1.5 °C, it is considered that the bacteria are completely killed, which is a qualified product .However, products whose detection temperature does not meet the above requirements are separated and resterilized. Finally, the beer that has passed the detection by the temperature detecting device is boxed and incorporated into the storage.

1.The beer needs to be cooled to 4~5 °C before filling the beer into bottle. Preferably, the diameter of the bottle is < 90 mm. In the process of microwave sterilization treatment, if the amount of beer contained in the bottle is too large, it will affect the microwave sterilization treatment, which will increase the difficulty of microwave sterilization treatment. When the beer is filled into the bottle body, the bottle mouth is closed, and the beer filled in the bottle body is sterilized by using microwave with a frequency of 2450±5% MHz.

2. The beer filled in the bottle is heated by a water bath, the beer in the bottle is heated to 20 to 25 ° C, and the beer filled in the bottle is sterilized at a sterilization temperature of 40 to 50 ° C.The beer filled in the bottle is sterilized at a sterilization temperature of 30 to 60 °C. The sterilization treatment time is 1 to 10 minutes.

3.After the sterilization treatment, the sterilized beer filled in the bottle is immediately subjected to temperature detection by the temperature detecting device, The detection temperature of the beer detected by the temperature is lower than the sterilization temperature of the sterilization treatment by 0 to 2 °C.

4. Naturally cool to room temperature for storage.

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