Drying and Sterilizing Equipment for Jujube and Raisin

The raisin can reduce the cholesterol in the blood, can inhibit the oxidation of bad cholesterol in blood, improve the health of the rectum, effectively prevent the cell from malignant change or inhibit the growth of the malignant tumor, and prevent the division of the leukemia cells. The red date contains rich nutrient components such as protein, saccharide, organic acid, vitamin a, vitamin c, various micro-calcium and amino acids.

With the development of modern technology,the processing process of jujube and raisin is becoming more and more simplified.Using jujube, raisin drying and sterilization equipment to replace the traditional process, the drying rate is fast, the product quality is excellent, the drying speed can be several times or even tens of times of the traditional process, the internal and external heating is uniform, and the nutrients and colors and aromas can be effectively preserved. Jujube, raisin drying sterilizer also saves energy consumption, greatly expands the benefit of food processing manufacturers.

Advantages of jujube and raisin drying and sterilization equipment produced by leader microwave equipment company:

1.High production efficiency of jujube and raisin drying and sterilization machinery.

First, the penetration of microwave is very strong, which can penetrate the material directly and be absorbed by polar molecules in jujube and raisins. It itself heats up rapidly as a heat source, does not need the heat conduction process, the moisture is discharged from the inside to the outside, and the efficiency is high. The second is the pipeline structure of the jujube and the raisin drying and sterilizing equipment, is conveyed by the conveying belt, is continuously dried, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

2.Jujube, raisin drying and sterilization equipment saves production cost.

First, in the process of using jujube, raisin drying and sterilization production line, microwave can kill Escherichia coli, mold and so on. After drying, it can be directly packaged after cooling, and can reach the export standard after drying. The principle is the dual effect of thermal effect and biological effect of microwave electric field. Jujube, raisin and so on can achieve the purpose of sterilizing mildew in only 2-3 minutes, without secondary sterilization and saving the cost of equipment. Second, the labor intensity is low, only 2 to 3 people, saving labor costs.

3.Microwave jujube, raisin drying and sterilization equipment can meet a variety of drying needs. The drying temperature of the equipment can be controlled, the drying speed can be adjusted, and the drying parameters can be set conveniently.

4.The jujube and raisin drying and sterilizing equipment can be customized according to the water content of the customer material, the size of the output, the size of the plant, the size of the electricity consumption, and the material requirements, so as to meet the needs of each investor.

5.Jujube, raisinsdrying and sterilization equipment can improve product quality.

Microwave selective heating makes jujube, raisin surface heating uniform, small temperature difference, nutrients, pigments, fragrance and so on to a great extent preserved, jujube, raisin quality has been improved.

6.Jujube, raisin microwave drying machinery adopts tunnel structure, is equipped with plc system automatic, infrared temperature measurement, strong cold and hot air system, transmission frequency control system, etc. The operation is simple.

7.Jujube, raisin drying and sterilization equipment is mainly made of stainless steel plate, firm and strong, beautiful appearance, easy to clean, has strong thermal insulation and heat preservation performance, good working environment, no thermal pollution.

The jujube and raisin microwave drying machine is suitable for the fast drying of food such as jujube, raisin, apple slices, and banana slices and so on, and is an advanced microwave drying equipment. The microwave chemical raw material drying equipment can be used for efficiently drying a plurality of chemical raw materials and contributing to the progress of the chemical industry.