Drying Process of Green Tea

Now the living standard is getting better and better. After eating and drinking enough, many people like to quietly taste a pot of tea and feel very happy in life. Green tea is a popular kind of tea, often drinking green tea can also have anti-aging, anti-bacterial, lipid-lowering effect, but fresh tea leaves are rich in water, so need followed by a series of production processes such as roasting and drying. How is green tea usually dried? The green tea microwave drying equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment company can effectively dry green tea.

Green Tea

Advantages of microwave drying equipment for green tea:

1.Automatic control system

Green tea microwave drying machine is mechanized production mode, with a variety of automatic control systems, such as automatic temperature control system, automatic control of microwave density system, heating time control system, automatic alarm system, optional PLC control system, video monitoring system.

2.Machine turntables have many forms

In order to provide manufacturers with more convenient production mode, green tea microwave drying machine turntable can be used three-dimensional turntable, horizontal turntable (can be multi-layer), and microwave tube with well-known brands.

3. Power adjustable

In order to meet the production needs of different manufacturers, microwave drying equipment uses the well-known domestic microwave intelligent frequency conversion power supply, the power of the equipment is adjustable, the step power is 1%.

4.Strong practicability of equipment

Different from the traditional drying method, microwave drying machine has the characteristics of covering a small area, fast heating speed, uniform heating, good maneuverability and control, simple installation, convenient operation, energy saving and environmental protection, low price, strong practicability and remarkable comprehensive performance.
5. The microwave leakage amount of microwave drying machine reaches the national standard and conforms to the UL standard.

Microwave drying equipment for green tea

Model and technical parameters of microwave drying equipment for green tea:

Input power 380V
Cavity materialIndustrial grade stainless steel
Microwave leakage limitation ≤1mW/c㎡
Environmental temperature Seasonal temperature℃
Relative humidity85%
Mains inputThree phase 380±10%   50HZ
Output microwave power 60KW(Power adjustable)
Dimensions (Length x width x height)11200×1165×1700mm
Carried standardMicrowave leakage conforms to national GB10436-89 standard, Comply with national GB5226 electrical safety standard

Microwave drying equipment

Comparison between green tea microwave drying equipment and traditional drying method for green tea:

Traditional way of drying has a lot of kinds, common way have natural drying, heating drying way. However, these drying methods have significant disadvantages compared with microwave drying equipment for green tea. Not only the production time is long and the efficiency is low, but the dried green tea is easy to lose nutrition, lose the original rich taste, and the sanitary condition is worrying, so the subsequent sales profit is reduced.

Green tea microwave drying equipment used to produce green tea, tea is mellow, rich in nutrition, clean health, popular loved by the masses, can be said to has the significant advantage.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, there are more and more microwave equipment around us, such as frozen chicken leg microwave defrost equipment, agrocybe aegirita microwave drying equipment, bean curd stick microwave sterilization equipment, etc, all of which provide some high-quality goods for our life. As the public demand for tea is increasing, the demand for microwave drying equipment for green tea is also gradually increasing. It is precisely because of the significant advantages of microwave drying equipment that the tea produced is memorable. I believe that with the advantages of microwave drying equipment for green tea, our tea will gain a greater sales profit, and bring us a better life!