Dehydrated Food Microwave Sterilization Equipment LD1922

Processing Processing PDF Food is highly susceptible to contamination during production, storage, transportation and sale. Conventional techniques such as high temperature, drying, blanching, pasteurization, freezing, and preservatives can be used to achieve insecticidal sterilization and preservation of food, but often affect the original flavor and nutrients of the food. At this stage, the sterilization of dried mushrooms is often done through dedicated microwave sterilization equipment. The equipment mainly comprises a conveyor belt. The two ends of the conveyor belt are respectively provided with a feeding port, a discharging port and a conveyor belt passing through a plurality of groups of … Read more

Tea Cylinder Microwave Water-Removin Machine LD1919

Price List Processing Processing PDF LD1919 tea cylinder microwave water-removin machine uses advanced microwave technology to replace the traditional heat conduction heating method. Green tea, oolong tea, health tea, etc. all need to be heated and water-removing to remove the activity of polyphenol oxidase, evaporate part of water, volatilize grass odor, soften organization. At present, tea usually adopts the method of roasted green tea to a few places, the steaming method is adopted. The quality of the tea processed by microwave water-removing and roasted tea is good, there is no significant difference, but the short time of microwave water-removing … Read more

Nut Microwave Sterilization System LD103

Processing Processing PDF LD103 nut microwave sterilization system is a dry fruit microwave sterilization system, which makes the dried fruit sterile on the basis of maintaining the original flavor. It does not need auxiliary equipment such as high temperature steam, and omits the equipment such as aseptic operation box, which simplifies the operation process and reduces the costs. The aseptic effect is further improved, avoiding secondary pollution and improving product yield and product quality. The nut microwave sterilization system is based on the improvement of the ordinary tunnel microwave drying sterilization equipment, which reflects the true product excellence of our … Read more

Beer Microwave Sterilization Equipment LD1913

Processing Processing PDF Sterilization methods and shortcomings of beer by bottled beer manufacturers: 1.After bottling, the beer manufacturers use a temperature of 62 to 63 °C for about 10 minutes to sterilize and then cool. The sterilization temperature is generally above 72 °C. After sterilization and cooling, the beer manufacturers refill the bottle again. It is required that pipes, bottles, caps, air, etc are thoroughly disinfected, for the simple reason that it needs no microorganisms during the filling process. On the one hand, investment costs and use costs are high, on the other hand, management is difficult. 2.Beer manufacturers use … Read more