Hot Pot Dipping Material Microwave Sterilization Equipment

In the catering industry, hot pot, a convenient and fast popular feature, is accepted and loved by consumers. Especially in the cold and dry weather in the northern region, the hot pot market has a great potential, and the business mode of hot pot is constantly innovative. Chongqing hot pot, known for its numbing, spicy and hot taste, is southern hot pot, northern hot pot and new hot pot represented by mutton hot pot. Eat hot pot nature can not be less hot pot dipping material, with dipping material to eat up delicious.

hot pot sauce

Hot pot dips have a wide variety of flavors, they have a very important process in the process of making is sterilization, so as to extend their shelf life, not easy to go bad, people will eat at ease. Hot pot dip microwave sterilization equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company is developed by professional technical personnel, is an advanced new microwave equipment.

The advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for hot pot dipping materials

1.Heat evenly and sterilize quickly.

Microwave heating source from the internal object, heat uniform, hot pot dipping microwave sterilization machine at the same time to heat the internal and external, can save sterilization time, with high efficiency and good quality.
2. Temperature control timely, continuous production.

Hot pot dipping microwave sterilization equipment can quickly switch power to the required value in a few seconds, microwave inertia is small, can achieve rapid temperature control, convenient for to automatic continuous production.
3. Field temperature is powerful, sterilization thoroughly

Hot pot sauce microwave sterilization machine, can at extremely high temperatures to make the material in a very short time to raise the temperature.
4. It has strong penetrating power

When the microwave penetrates the medium, the microwave and the medium interact with each other to a certain extent, and the temperature of the medium rises, and the inside and outside of the medium material heats up almost at the same time, forming heat source conditions, so it has better penetrability.
5. Clean pollution-free

The sterilization equipment heating mantle area is small, avoid the environment high temperature, labor intensity and conditions greatly improved, sterilization process no pollutant emissions, clean and pollution-free.

6.Advanced technology, exquisite workmanship

Hot pot dipping microwave sterilization device adopts the world’s advanced technology, the use of automatic temperature control system, automatic microwave density control system, heating time control system, automatic alarm system, optional PLC control system, water cooling system, to ensure the equipment working 24 hours a day.

This hot pot dipping material microwave sterilization equipment adopts advanced microwave technology, developed and manufactured by a special technical team, widely used, thorough sterilization, energy saving and efficient, with other sterilization incomparable advantages. And it is the same as milk microwave sterilization equipment, scented tea microwave sterilization equipment, pickles microwave sterilization equipment have their own characteristics, these products have been sold to various country, deeply loved by customers and trust.

Technical parameters of microwave sterilization equipment for hot pot dipping material

ModelPowerDewaterabilitySterilization abilityBelt widthDimensions(L*W*H)

Hot pot is not only delicious food, but also contains the connotation of food culture, for people to taste add more elegant. Eat hot pot, men and women, young and old, friends and relatives around the steaming hot pot, put the arm to talk, with chopsticks to eat, warm rippling, filled with a warm and harmonious atmosphere, suitable for the reunion of this traditional Chinese culture. Hot pot dipping microwave sterilization equipment development will certainly have a bright future!