Laboratory Microwave Ultra-High Temperature Instant Sterilization Machine LD1902

Processing Processing PDF LD1902 laboratory microwave ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization machine is to overcome the drawbacks of experimental ultra-high temperature sterilization equipment, such as electric heating and steam heating, long pipeline, large volume, large heat loss, low efficiency, slow heating rate, material easy to denature, heating uneven wall easy to gelatinize and scale. The working principle of laboratory microwave ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization equipment Ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization is a sterilization process in which the heating temperature is set to 135-150 ° C, the heating time is 2-8s and the product after heating reaches commercial sterility requirements. The basic principles … Read more

Microwave Sterilization Mixing Machine LD102

Processing Processing PDF LD102 microwave sterilization mixing machine is also called LD102 microwave sterilization mixing tank. The air is filtered and dried by the air filter installed outside the stirring tank. The air of the stirring tank is exchanged to keep the stirring environment dry and ensure the stirring effect. At the same time,the germicidal lamp sterilizes the powder by microwave, irradiates the microbial DNA in the powder material to kill the bacteria, and does not cause ozone in the tank to ensure the powder quality. Microwave sterilization mixing machine front view Structural characteristics of LD102 microwave sterilization mixing machine: … Read more