Microwave Sterilization Equipment for Pet Feed

Nowadays, people’s living standards are improving and their economic conditions are also improving. Many people like to keep small pets, especially modern women, it is very common to keep a dog or cat. Small pets need careful care to grow up healthily. People who like pets should pay attention to the quality of the food they eat. Pet feed has become a must for keeping pets. Pet Food Pet feed in the process of processing is a key link is sterilization treatment, in order to let consumers rest assured and small pets eat healthy, Leader Microwave Equipment Company after research, design a … Read more

Hot Pot Dipping Material Microwave Sterilization Equipment

In the catering industry, hot pot, a convenient and fast popular feature, is accepted and loved by consumers. Especially in the cold and dry weather in the northern region, the hot pot market has a great potential, and the business mode of hot pot is constantly innovative. Chongqing hot pot, known for its numbing, spicy and hot taste, is southern hot pot, northern hot pot and new hot pot represented by mutton hot pot. Eat hot pot nature can not be less hot pot dipping material, with dipping material to eat up delicious. hot pot sauce Hot pot dips have a wide variety of flavors, … Read more

Mushroom microwave sterilization equipment

Many people like to eat shiitake mushroom very much, shiitake mushroom taste is very unique, but also has a special aroma, this makes shiitake fans salivate. There are many ways to eat shiitake mushroom, whether it is stir-fried or stewed meat, are very delicious. Shiitake mushroom also contains very rich nutritional elements, Often edible shiitake mushroom can play the role of invigorating and filling deficiency, invigorating spleen appetizers, dispelling wind and removing rash, removing phlegm and regulating qi, detoxification, anti-cancer effect, so there are a lot of benefits. The dry mushroom that we eat normally is passed sterilization processing, so how does shiitake carry on sterilization … Read more

Pu’er Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Now people’s living standard is getting better and better, with more leisure to do some other things, a lot of people will fine taste pot of tea fine taste when have nothing to do, quietly thinking about life. Pu ‘er tea is a favorite tea for many people. Drinking pu ‘er tea regularly can clear heat and promote saliva also help digestion and sober. Because tea is direct bubble in water, need to undertake antiseptic treatment so, how to carry on antiseptic effectively? Leader Microwave Equipment’s pu ‘er tea microwave sterilization equipment can play a very good role in sterilization. puli tea Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for … Read more

Cloth Microwave Sterilization Equipment

People this life is most inseparable from the basic necessities of life, with the improvement of living standards, we are no longer satisfied with food and clothing, but the pursuit of a more comfortable state. For example, clothes should not only look good but also be healthy, which requires a lot of fabric. How do you make cleaner, healthier fabrics? The cloth microwave sterilization equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment company can effectively help us. Cloth Advantages of cloth microwave sterilization equipment: Selective heating Microwave sterilization is different from the traditional heating sterilization, the traditional sterilization method requires heating of cloth and equipment, … Read more

Drying Process of Green Tea

Now the living standard is getting better and better. After eating and drinking enough, many people like to quietly taste a pot of tea and feel very happy in life. Green tea is a popular kind of tea, often drinking green tea can also have anti-aging, anti-bacterial, lipid-lowering effect, but fresh tea leaves are rich in water, so need followed by a series of production processes such as roasting and drying. How is green tea usually dried? The green tea microwave drying equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment company can effectively dry green tea. Green Tea Advantages of microwave drying equipment for green tea: 1.Automatic control … Read more

Microwave Drying Equipment for Kraft Paper Bags

Kraft paper bags are packaging containers made of composite materials or pure kraft paper.Non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free,it is suitable for chemical raw materials, food, pharmaceutical additives, building materials, supermarket shopping, clothing, etc,which is one of the most popular environmental protection packaging materials in the world. Because of a completely different mechanism than ordinary steam heating and drying,Microwave drying equipment for kraft paper bags produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company has reduced the cost,energy consumption and production cost.And it greatly increased production, also has a very good effect in environmental protection. Advantages of microwave composite kraft paper bag drying equipment: 1.Microwave Sterilization drying machine … Read more

Drying and Sterilizing Equipment for Jujube and Raisin

The raisin can reduce the cholesterol in the blood, can inhibit the oxidation of bad cholesterol in blood, improve the health of the rectum, effectively prevent the cell from malignant change or inhibit the growth of the malignant tumor, and prevent the division of the leukemia cells. The red date contains rich nutrient components such as protein, saccharide, organic acid, vitamin a, vitamin c, various micro-calcium and amino acids. With the development of modern technology,the processing process of jujube and raisin is becoming more and more simplified.Using jujube, raisin drying and sterilization equipment to replace the traditional process, the drying … Read more

Microwave Sterilization Equipment for agricultural and sideline products and snack food: health guard

In recent years, the agricultural and sideline products and leisure food industry has developed rapidly and made great progress, but some small enterprises still have quality problems. The main reason is that these products have some common health problems that have plagued the production enterprises for a long time in the production, storage and preservation technology,such as preservatives,nitrite exceed the standard,product deterioration or bacteria exceed the standard, high temperature sterilization destroyed the flavor of products, meat dried products easy to mold and oxidation. Thus it can be seen that the safety of agricultural and sideline products and leisure food has become a social … Read more

Microwave Jelly Sterilizer Machine

Because microwave sterilization technology can maintain the nutrient content of food to a large extent, the sterilization effect is obvious, which can extend the shelf life without adding various preservatives that are harmful to human health. It has been widely used in grain and oil products, soybean products, dairy products, condiments, fruits and vegetables, aquatic products sterilization and other fields. Microwave Jelly Sterilizer is a high-performance industrial sterilization equipment. The characteristics of the microwave jelly sterilization machine produced by the Leader Microwave Equipment Company: 1.The microwave sterilization belongs to the field of physical sterilization and is safe and harmless. Can … Read more