Microwave Jelly Sterilizer Machine

Because microwave sterilization technology can maintain the nutrient content of food to a large extent, the sterilization effect is obvious, which can extend the shelf life without adding various preservatives that are harmful to human health. It has been widely used in grain and oil products, soybean products, dairy products, condiments, fruits and vegetables, aquatic products sterilization and other fields. Microwave Jelly Sterilizer is a high-performance industrial sterilization equipment.

The characteristics of the microwave jelly sterilization machine produced by the Leader Microwave Equipment Company:

1.The microwave sterilization belongs to the field of physical sterilization and is safe and harmless. Can kill harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, egg, virus and so on without adding a chemical preservative.

2.Microwave jelly sterilization equipment does not need to preheat. Under the same conditions, the lethal temperature of microwave sterilization is lower than that of traditional heating sterilization, and the sterilization effect is more significant.

3.Microwave jelly sterilization machine has short sterilization period and fast speed. Microwave heating is heating due to the loss of electric field energy of dielectric materials themselves, so the microwave heating sterilization time is greatly shortened. Under a certain power density intensity, it usually takes tens of seconds and can achieve satisfactory results in a few minutes.

4.Microwave  sterilization machine has high consistency and can sterilize the sterilized material table at the same time. Microwave has penetration and acts on the surface and interior of the medium at the same time, which can ensure that the internal and external temperature of jelly can reach the required value together, so the sterilization effect is uniform and thorough.

5.Microwave jelly sterilization production line can effectively avoid the effect of long time heating on jelly quality. Microwave sterilization can achieve the best results for materials that need to be sterilized with the same quality requirements as color, flavor and taste.

6.Save energy. Microwave power conversion efficiency is high, generally more than 70%. Microwave sterilization is a direct treatment of materials, there is no additional heat loss, generally can save 30% less than 50%.

7.Microwave jelly sterilizer equipment requirements are simple. Compared with conventional sterilization equipment, microwave sterilization equipment has no special requirements for plant. There is no need for boilers, pipeline systems, coal farms and transport vehicles, as long as the basic conditions of water and electricity are available.

8.Microwave sterilization equipment has no high temperature, no waste heat and no thermal radiation, which can greatly improve the working conditions.

The mechanism of microwave jelly sterilization machine :

Under the action of microwave electromagnetic field, the polar molecules in the dielectric materials composed of polar molecules and non-polar molecules change from the original thermal motion state to follow the alternating orientation of microwave electromagnetic field, which leads to intense friction between molecules. In this microscopic process, microwave energy is transformed into heat in the medium, which makes the temperature of the medium rise macroscopically, which is the microwave thermal effect.

However, the interaction between microwave and organism is a complex process, in addition to thermal effect ,it also has non-thermal effect. The non-thermal effect is characterized by a change in the electron distribution of the cross-section of the cell membrane by the microwave electric field, the electron and the ion concentration around the cell membrane are affected, the permeability of the cell membrane is changed, the cells can not metabolize normally, and the cell function disorder is caused.Another explanation of non-thermal effect is that protein, nucleic acid, water and other polar molecules cause the rotation or vibration of protein molecular groups with the change of microwave polarity in the microwave field with high frequency and strong electric field, resulting in protein molecular denaturation.

Microwave sterilization is the result of the synergistic effect of microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect. Microwave thermal effect increases the temperature of the substance, modifies or inactivate the molecular structure of protein and nucleic acid in microorganisms, thus killing microorganisms.Microwave non-thermal effect makes the organism produce strong biological response without obviously heating up inside, and causes various physiological, biochemical and functional changes in the organism, which leads to the death of bacteria and achieves the purpose of sterilization.

Microwave sterilization technology has the advantages of high efficiency, fast speed and no pollution after treatment. Compared with the traditional heating sterilization method, microwave sterilization technology has absolute advantages. We should strengthen the research on the mechanism and application of microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect, explore the technology of microwave low-temperature sterilization, develop and promote the microwave sterilization equipment with excellent performance, such as microwave jelly sterilization machine, bottled hot sauce sterilization equipment and so on.