Microwave Sterilization Equipment for agricultural and sideline products and snack food: health guard

In recent years, the agricultural and sideline products and leisure food industry has developed rapidly and made great progress, but some small enterprises still have quality problems.

The main reason is that these products have some common health problems that have plagued the production enterprises for a long time in the production, storage and preservation technology,such as preservatives,nitrite exceed the standard,product deterioration or bacteria exceed the standard, high temperature sterilization destroyed the flavor of products, meat dried products easy to mold and oxidation.

Thus it can be seen that the safety of agricultural and sideline products and leisure food has become a social problem with wide and far-reaching influence.Microwave agricultural and sideline products,snack food sterilization equipment product by Leader Microwave Equipment Company, can solve many problems.


Characteristics of microwave sterilization equipment for agricultural and sideline products and snack food:

1.Microwave agricultural and sideline product sterilization equipment has short sterilization time and fastspeed.

Conventional thermal sterilization transfers heat from the surface of food to the interior through heat conduction, convection, or radiation.It often takes a long time to reach the sterilization temperature.

Microwave sterilization is the direct interaction between microwave and other microorganisms such as bacteria,Thermal effect and non-thermal effect work together to rapidly heat up to achieve the purpose of sterilization, the processing time is greatly shortened, the sterilization time of various materials is generally 3-5 minutes.

2.Microwave snack food sterilization equipment kill bacteria at low temperature,it could maintain nutrients and traditional flavor.

Microwave sterilization kill bacteria through special thermal and non-thermal effect, compared with high temperature sterilization,it can obtain the required sterilization effect in a lower temperature and a shorter time.

Microwave sterilization temperature is generally in 70-105 degrees Celsius, can achieve the effect, and can maximize the maintenance of food nutrients and color, aroma, taste, shape and other flavors, and has the expansion effect.

For example, vegetables with conventional thermal treatment retain 46%-50% vitamin C, while microwave treatment is 60%-90%.The retention rate of vitamin A in pig liver by conventional heating was 58%, and that by microwave heating was 84%.

3.Microwave agricultural and sideline products, snack food sterilization machine to save energy

Conventional thermal sterilization often involves heat loss in the environment and equipment,whereas microwaves act directly on food, so there is no additional heat loss.

On contrast, it can save 30% to 50% electricity.

4.Microwave agricultural and sideline products, snack food sterilization machinery sterilize thoroughly

Conventional thermal sterilization starts from the surface of the material, and transfer to the interior through heat conduction, there is a temperature difference between the inside and the outside, and the internal temperature of the food is often not enough to affect the sterilization effect.

Due to the strong penetration of microwave.When the whole food is processed by the machine, the surface and the interior are affected at the same time, so the microwave sterilization is uniform and thorough.

5.Microwave agricultural and sideline products, snack food sterilization equipment is easy to control

Microwave sterilization processing equipment can be out of the box, there is no conventional thermal sterilization of thermal inertia, flexible and convenient operation, microwave power can be adjusted, transmission speed from zero continuously adjustable, easy to operate.

6.Microwave agricultural and sideline products, snack food sterilization equipment equipment is a simple, advanced technology

Compared with conventional methods, microwave equipment does not require boilers, complex piping systems, coal yards and transportation vehicles, but only the basic conditions of water and electricity.

7.Microwave agricultural and sideline products, snack food sterilization machinery can improve working conditions and save land area.

The working environment of the equipment is quiet, which greatly improves the working conditions. The operation of the whole set of microwave equipment only needs 2-3 people.

Sterilization principle of microwave sterilization equipment for agricultural and sideline products and snack food:

In recent years, microwave, as an energy source, has been widely used in economic construction and people’s daily life, such as household microwave oven, industrial microwave resin drying equipment and so on.

Microwave can kill bacteria through thermal effect and non-thermal effect. When food is in the microwave field, due to the severe friction of polar molecules caused by microwave, the processed goods can produce strong thermal effect, nucleic acid and protein will produce denaturation, promote the death of microorganisms, and constitute the non-thermal effect of microwave sterilization.

In microwave processing, the use of frequency conversion equipment, can provide more uniform heating effect, has the potential of application in agricultural and sideline products, leisure food industry, the use of computer simulation of mass transfer and heat transfer process, select the best technological parameters, improve the quality of products will also be an important direction of microwave sterilization technology.