Microwave Sterilization Mixing Machine LD102

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LD102 microwave sterilization mixing machine is also called LD102 microwave sterilization mixing tank. The air is filtered and dried by the air filter installed outside the stirring tank. The air of the stirring tank is exchanged to keep the stirring environment dry and ensure the stirring effect. At the same time,the germicidal lamp sterilizes the powder by microwave, irradiates the microbial DNA in the powder material to kill the bacteria, and does not cause ozone in the tank to ensure the powder quality.

Microwave sterilization mixing machine front view

Microwave sterilization mixing machine front view

Structural characteristics of LD102 microwave sterilization mixing machine:

1. Volume: 50L, 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 600L, 1000L~5000L (It can be customized according to customer needs, various non-standard designs).

2.Heating method: microwave heating or steam heating inside the coil

3. Material heating temperature: ≤320 °C. Different heating methods are selected equipped with different power electric heating tubes or steam heat sources of different pressures or different temperature heat mediums according to the temperature requirements and heating time requirements.

4. Temperature control: microwave sterilization mixing machine using thermocouple and insulation or PID constant temperature control, constant temperature control temperature difference ± ≤ 1 °. You can use the digital display thermometer for temperature display, or equipped with a temperature sensor with temperature controller or two-point temperature measurement for temperature control and display according to different needs.

5. The canister body: the inner surface mirror polishing treatment, fine polishing Ra ≤ 0.4μm. The outer surface is mirrored or 2B horizontal.

6. Stirring speed: 15 ~ 120r / min (fixed speed or custom); the paddle form according to the process requirements: frame, anchor, paddle, turbine, etc. optional or according to customer specific requirements.

7. Configuration of formulation tank: electrical control box (including temperature meter, liquid level metering, pressure display, switch, indicator light, spotlight switch, etc.), manhole, inlet and outlet, hot and cold medium quality import and export, spare port, cleaning Port, sterilizing port, sampling port, thermometer mouth, pressure gauge port, vacuum port, etc.

8. Ingredient tank material: SUS304 or SUS316L in the microwave sterilization mixing machine, the jacket is Q235-B or SUS304; the outer insulation housing is

9. The process opening of the inlet and outlet pipes and the welding of the inner tank body of microwave sterilization mixing machine are all made by the flanging process arc transition, smooth and easy to clean without dead angle, and the appearance is beautiful.

LD102 microwave sterilization mixing machine

1. Stirring tank 2. Air filter 3 Microwave germicidal lamp 11. Motor 12. Drive shaft 13. Pulley 14 Drive shaft 15. Mounting rod
16. Stirring device 17. Discharge port 21. Inlet port .22. Outlet port 23. Air chamber 24. Inlet chamber 25. Filter element 26. Reservoir
27. Automatic drainer 28. Cover

The microwave sterilization stirrer comprises a stirring tank, an air filter and a microwave germicidal lamp. The air filter is arranged outside the stirring tank, a mounting rod is arranged above the stirring tank, a motor is fixedly mounted above the mounting rod, and two groups are arranged inside the stirring tank. The stirring device is connected to the mounting rod through a transmission shaft extending to the outside of the stirring tank, a pulley is arranged between the driving shaft and the driving shaft, and a discharging port is arranged under the stirring tank; the microwave germicidal lamp is installed on the inner wall of the stirring tank. The air filter includes an air inlet, an air outlet, a filter element and a cover, and the air outlet is connected to the inside of the stirring tank, and the filter element is installed inside the air filter.

The top of the air filter housing and the filter element is fixedly connected with the cover, and the cavity between the filter element and the air filter housing is an air outlet chamber, the air outlet chamber communicates with the air outlet, the air inlet communicates with the air inlet chamber. And the bottom of air filter is provided with a liquid storage device, and an automatic drainer is opened under the liquid storage device.

Microwave sterilization mixing machine front view

Microwave sterilization mixing machine front view

LD102 microwave sterilization mixing tank function application:

LD102 microwave sterilization mixing tank has the functions of heating, cooling, heat preservation, stirring, metering, etc. It is widely used in coatings, medicine, building materials, chemicals, pigments, resins, food and other industries. According to the requirements of production and process, it can be designed with heating, cooling, low-speed stirring system, sealing pressure system, vacuum system and metering system. For the different mixing materials and the required mixing effect, the structure of the stirring paddle can be adjusted to design turbine type, paddle type, anchor type, frame type, ribbon type, magnetic type stirring and the like. According to the ratio of materials and the state of the materials, you can choose the weighing ingredients or you can choose the flow metering or liquid level metering method.

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Microwave sterilization mixing tank has an absolute advantage over traditional heat sterilization methods. We should vigorously strengthen the research on the mechanism and application of microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect, explore the technology of microwave low temperature sterilization, and develop microwave sterilization equipment with superior performance, and contribute to the application of microwave sterilization technology in more fields.