Mushroom microwave sterilization equipment

Many people like to eat shiitake mushroom very much, shiitake mushroom taste is very unique, but also has a special aroma, this makes shiitake fans salivate. There are many ways to eat shiitake mushroom, whether it is stir-fried or stewed meat, are very delicious. Shiitake mushroom also contains very rich nutritional elements, Often edible shiitake mushroom can play the role of invigorating and filling deficiency, invigorating spleen appetizers, dispelling wind and removing rash, removing phlegm and regulating qi, detoxification, anti-cancer effect, so there are a lot of benefits.

The dry mushroom that we eat normally is passed sterilization processing, so how does shiitake carry on sterilization commonly? The mushroom microwave sterilization equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment company can sterilize the mushroom very well.


Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for shiitake mushrooms

  1. It will not change the color, flavor and nutrition of shiitake mushrooms

Different from the traditional sterilization method, the use of mushroom microwave sterilization machine can avoid high temperature heating damage to the inner components of the mushroom, can retain the original color and nutrition of the mushroom to the greatest extent, but also can play a significant sterilization effect.

  1. Short sterilization time

Shiitake microwave sterilizer can be completed sterilization in a few minutes, because the microwave can directly penetrate shiitake mushroom, make shiitake mushroom inside and outside at the same time sterilization, this way not only sterilization thoroughly and sterilization time is very short.

  1. It can sterilize the mushroom inside and outside at the same time

Microwave can act directly on the inside of the mushroom, so the use of microwave sterilization machine can be used on the inside and outside of the mushroom sterilization.

  1. Safe and harmless

Microwave will not cause damage to the mushroom itself, no impact on the human body, and microwave sterilization machine sterilization process is carried out in the stainless steel container, so the whole process is safe and harmless.

  1. Sterilize before and after packaging

No matter what state of mushroom can be sterilized, before packaging mushroom and packaging mushroom all can be sterilized, because microwave sterilization equipment the microwave penetration is very strong.

Mushroom microwave sterilization equipment

Model and technical parameters of mushroom microwave sterilization equipment

Input powerThree-phase five-wire 380V±10% 50Hz±1%
Microwave output power30kW(Adjustable)
Microwave frequency2450MHz±50Hz
Rated input apparent power≤45kVA
Height of inlet and outlet50mm
Transmission band width650mm
Transmission speed0.1~5m/min
Dimensions(L×W×H)About 12800×1310×1668mm
Working environment0~40℃
Relative humidity≤80%

Difference between microwave sterilization equipment of shiitake mushroom and traditional sterilization method

  1. Sterilization efficiency

There are a lot of traditional sterilization methods, among which the more commonly used are high-temperature sterilization, pasteurization, etc, but the traditional sterilization method requires longer time, low sterilization efficiency, not conducive to the subsequent processing and production. And microwave sterilization equipment within a few minutes can be completed sterilization, sterilization efficiency is very high.

  1. Nutritional status

Traditional sterilization will destroy the nutrient components of shiitake mushroom to some extent, so that the nutrient loss of shiitake mushroom, and microwave sterilization equipment can be very good to retain the nutrient components of shiitake mushroom.

Shiitake processed by microwave sterilization equipment is not only rich in nutrition, but also taste very good, so by the majority of consumers welcome, it is worth mentioning that microwave equipment is more and more widely used, such as frozen seafood microwave thawing equipment, microwave sterilization equipment for vegetables, microwave drying equipment for daylily, have provided us with products of high quality and low price.

As the mushroom is accepted by more and more people, the mushroom microwave sterilization equipment has become a hot product, with it can not only bring us high-quality mushroom, but also can bring us higher profits.