Pu’er Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Now people’s living standard is getting better and better, with more leisure to do some other things, a lot of people will fine taste pot of tea fine taste when have nothing to do, quietly thinking about life. Pu ‘er tea is a favorite tea for many people. Drinking pu ‘er tea regularly can clear heat and promote saliva also help digestion and sober. Because tea is direct bubble in water, need to undertake antiseptic treatment so, how to carry on antiseptic effectively? Leader Microwave Equipment’s pu ‘er tea microwave sterilization equipment can play a very good role in sterilization.

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Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for pu ‘er tea

  1. Sterilize both surface and interior

Different from the traditional sterilization method, the microwave generated by the microwave sterilization machine of pu’er tea can directly act on the inside of pu ‘er, making the inside and outside of pu ‘er sterilize at the same time, so that the sterilization is more thorough and even.

  1. Time is short and speed is fast

Because pu ‘er microwave sterilizer can be sterilized inside and outside at the same time, so the sterilization time is short and fast, only a few minutes can be completed sterilization, and the traditional sterilization method needs a few hours or even a few days time.

  1. Keep the nutrition and traditional flavor

Microwave sterilization will not damage the internal structure of pu ‘er, so the use of microwave sterilization machine can maintain the nutritional components and traditional flavor of pu ‘er, which is more conducive to the subsequent processing and sales, and increase the profits of manufacturers.

  1. Energysaving

Microwave sterilization does not need to use extra energy, only a small amount of electricity, microwave sterilization machine can be quickly and efficiently completed sterilization.

  1. Easy to control

Microwave sterilization equipment simple operation, easy to control, one person can control, so do not need too many workers, can reduce production costs.

Pu ‘er microwave sterilization equipment

Model and technical parameters of pu ‘er microwave sterilization equipment

Drive methodWepex Industrial microwave power supply
Control methodPLC controlling system
Electric safetyMeet the national GB 5226.1-2002 mechanical and electrical safety standards
Microwave leakIn line with the national GB 10436-1989 microwave radiation health standards
Service temperature of machine-5~45℃
Relative humidity≤80%
Producing efficiencyDrying(dewatering)30kg/h;sterilization300kg/h
Transmission mode and speed0.5~5m/min(Frequency conversion)
Rated input apparent power40KVA
Microwave input current6A/ magnetron

 Principle of microwave sterilization equipment for pu ‘er

Microwave sterilization is an extension of the function of microwave heating technology. It is manifested in the changes and reactions of biological cell physiological activities after the interaction between microwave and organisms and the basic unit of organisms, namely cells.

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Difference between pu ‘er microwave sterilization equipment and traditional sterilization methods


The traditional sterilization method is mostly heating, which is inefficient, and microwave sterilization only takes a few minutes to complete the sterilization.

2.On the palate

Compared with the traditional sterilization method, microwave sterilization will not destroy the taste of pu ‘er, but also retain the nutritional elements of pu ‘er to the greatest extent, while the traditional heating sterilization method will make pu ‘er lose its nutritional elements during the heating process, resulting in the difference in taste.

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