Tea Cylinder Microwave Water-Removin Machine LD1919

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LD1919 tea cylinder microwave water-removin machine uses advanced microwave technology to replace the traditional heat conduction heating method. Green tea, oolong tea, health tea, etc. all need to be heated and water-removing to remove the activity of polyphenol oxidase, evaporate part of water, volatilize grass odor, soften organization.

At present, tea usually adopts the method of roasted green tea to water-removing.in a few places, the steaming method is adopted. The quality of the tea processed by microwave water-removing and roasted tea is good, there is no significant difference, but the short time of microwave water-removing (1/8 of the time of roasted tea) can be carried out continuously.

Material mapMaterial map

Material map

Through rapid water-removing, rapid dehydration, and rapid cooling, the tea leaves have the effect of bright green color, bright soup color and green background. The tea industry has a very broad development prospect. Microwave technology for water-removing and roasted tea has become one of the modern tea deep processing technologies, and microwave application technology has begun to develop into large-scale production.

Since the tea contains moisture, the water molecules are polarized in the electromagnetic field of tea cylinder microwave water-removin machine, which has dipole characteristics, and continuously changes the polarity direction along with the frequency of the electromagnetic field, and the molecules vibrate at high speed to generate frictional heat so that the tea leaves Warming up from the inside. And the temperature is the same in everywhere. China, the United States, Japan and South Korea use microwaves for tea processing and the effective nutrients of the tea can be basically not lost, the color, aroma and taste are better than the traditional processing methods.

The total score of LD1919 tea cylinder microwave water-removin machine is 97.2 points, which is 3 points higher than the total score of tea processed by traditional methods, and the effective composition of tea is about several percentage points higher than tea that uses traditional method. The use of microwave drying, air selection, picking and processing of tea can significantly increase the content of active ingredients in tea. The effective nutrients of tea are increased by 10-50% compared with traditional processing methods. It has good high-grade tea color characteristics, and the moisture content of tea is 5-30% lower than that of traditionally processed tea, the content of water extract is increased by 5-30%, the content of caffeine is increased by 10-50%, and the content of amino acid is increased by 10- 50%, which fully demonstrates the improvement of the quality of tea processed by microwave processing technology. The tea products are natural and healthy.The tea making process is simple, and large-scale industrial production can be carried out.

LD1919 tea cylinder microwave water-removin machine

Schematic diagram of t tea cylinder microwave water-removin machine
Microwave heating chamber (1), microwave suppressor (2), material conveyor (3), moisture exhaust heat exchanger (4), microwave generator (7), control and detector (6), cleaning special door (8 ), cleaning brush (9), small hole (10), moisture discharge port (11),the material conveyor (3) passes through the microwave heating chamber (1) material conveyor (3) microwave suppressor (2), microwave heating chamber (1) heat extractor (4), infrared radiation thermometer (5) control and Detector (6) microwave heating chamber (1) cleaning special door (8) material conveyor (3) cleaning brush (9), moisture discharge heat exchanger (4) moisture discharge port (11).

Schematic diagram of tea cylinder microwave water-removin machine

Schematic diagram of tea cylinder microwave water-removin machine

How to use LD1919 tea cylinder microwave water-removin machine:

1.The power of the g water-removin machine is adjusted to 600-800 watts, and the time of water-removin machine is 5 min–45 s. The tea should be turned over during the time of 5min–45s cooking to make it evenly heated.

2.Microwave frying of tea: Microwave frying, microwave power is adjusted to 400 watts.When carefully fryingtime is 2 mintues,the tea is heated evenly.By using microwave heating ,the tea can be heated rapidly and reache the critical point temperature of the inactivated enzyme to acceleratethe migration of the tea structure water, which is very suitable for the tea drying process.

3.The second time by microwave frying .When carefully frying, the microwave power is 300 watts and the time is 5 minutes. After the tea is heated evenly, it is taken out from the microwave killing equipment, screened, inspected and packaged, and the finished tea is obtained.

You can choose different systems and also ask for your needs, we will provide you the most suitable purchase plan for free.

24kw microwave water-removin machine
24kw microwave water-removin machine
30kw microwave water-removin machine
30kw microwave water-removin machine
50kw microwave water-removin machine
50kw microwave water-removin machine
72kw microwave water-removin machine
72kw microwave water-removin machine

Advantages of tea cylinder microwave water-removin machine:

1. Microwave frying tea has a short production cycle.

2. The loss of flavor material of tea is small. Because the surface temperature of tea leaves is not too high, the chlorophyll changes little, the color is emerald green and green, and it is resistant to hiding, the aroma loss is small, and the drying is uniform.At the same time, due to the rapid evaporation of water, it is easy to form porosity, and the rehydration of the product is good, and the contents are easily dissolved when the tea is brewed.

3. The active ingredients of tea, tea polyphenols, caffeine, amino acids, and water extracts are retained more than in the traditional way.

4. Tea is prone to insects during storage and transportation. Insect contamination is also common in pile-fermentation processing of black tea. In the past, insecticides were commonly used for fumigation of drugs, but there were problems with drug residues. Microwave treatment can achieve good insecticidal effects. The insecticidal effect in tea is closely related to the dielectric properties of tea and insects. When the water content of tea is less than 12%, it is beneficial to enhance the insecticidal effect.

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